While freelancing at Wieden New York, I worked with some pretty talented people to get a few fun things out the door for Delta in Los Angeles. These are the things I made with those people.




Delta Art Billboards promoted Delta flights out of Los Angeles by recreating famous street art from around the world in Los Angeles. To generate buzz on social, we came up with Delta InstaTrips.


"Delta brings street art from London, Melbourne and Mexico to L.A. in Instagram contest" - Creativity




Delta L.A.

For banners, billboards and radio spots, Delta asked us to keep messaging hyperlocal. A few days after the first board went up, Julia Wick from LAist wrote, “Everyone else can go home because Delta Air Lines has officially won the niche marketing game." Which was cool.

Los Feliz.jpg

"Delta Ad Expertly Trolls Angeleno Pronunciation Of 'Los Feliz' To Sell LAX To Mexico Flights" - LAist

DLTLAXO17152_LA_Painted_Wall_LA003_5x13_LAUNCHPAD_MN_00 copy.jpg
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Made at Wieden + Kennedy with Sean McLaughlin, John Parker and Rose Sacktor.