Ring Around the Cabbie

My partner and I were asked to make a viral video, not piss off New York City. We did a little of each. Mostly the latter. 


Read the article here.


Panera Bread

In the middle of winter, we let drivers in some of America’s coldest cities know there was steaming hot soup up ahead at Panera.

Panera GIF 2.gif
Panera Gif.gif


Harper Wilde

When my friends launched Harper Wilde – a bra company that’s taking the bullshit out of bra shopping – I wrote some headlines for their site. You can see them and the bras here.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 9.37.23 PM.png


Mucked-Up Mascots

What do you get when you cross two copywriters, a six pack, and pro-bono art direction? The answer is 'Mucked-Up Mascots', a blog that puts a friendly face to the most loved and loathed brands of today. Click here to meet more.



the Misunderstood
Oil Spill

Born out of human error rather than human intercourse, Slicky the misunderstood oil spill is on a never-ending quest to befriend the many creatures of the sea. Despite his good intentions however, the closer he seems to get, the quicker they seem to die. :(

Slicky floats to spread BP’s message of goodwill & irreparable environmental damage from sea to shining sea.


Oops the UPS Delivery Man

“Oops!” they shouted after he was conceived. And the name stuck. Maybe “Dipshit!” would have been a better exclamation. Always trusted to deliver customer dissatisfaction, Oops never misses a chance to miss you when you’re home and catch you when you’re away. If you need something shipped, something of extreme value and importance, call someone else.



Macy's Merry Meter

Back In January 2017, ad people were debating whether or not R/GA's "Careculator" was a rip-off of John Street's "Gift Card Calculator." It wasn't. It was a rip off of Michael Weisburd, Heinrich Schnorf & Matt Valdini's "Macy's Merry Meter." Which we "made" two years earlier.



Last Drop Foundation

The foundation is fake. The problem is real.